End the inhumane EU-Turkey deal

Email foreign secretary Boris Johnson to call for an immediate end of the deadly EU-Turkey deal.

2016 has seen the highest number of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean. At a time when we need to be urgently improving people's journey to safety, our government has ensured the opposite is true.

In March the UK government, along with the rest of the EU, signed a deal with Turkey that meant refugees arriving in Greece could be returned to Turkey.

But this deal has turned out to be a disaster.

Tens of thousands of refugees and migrants have been stranded in Greece amid bottle necks in the implementation of the deal, many of them living in squalid conditions in overcrowded detention facilities. Their only crime has been to cross a border in search of safety or a better life. 

By being party to the EU-Turkey deal, the UK government has effectively shut down one of the safest routes for people fleeing for their lives, including those escaping violent conflict in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. And by sending people back to Turkey, our government is ignoring its obligations under international refugee law, and denying people the protection they deserve.

We must demand that as foreign secretary, Boris Johnson makes sure that 2017 is the year that the UK takes a lead in providing safe passage and protection for migrants and immediately ends the EU-Turkey deal.

Please email Boris Johnson now. 

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, foreign secretary
Photo: Flickr 

Learn more about the UK government's policies that devastated the lives of refugees and other migrants in 2016.

Please email Boris Johnson now

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