Ask the mayor of London for a fairer energy system

Please can you email Sadiq Khan asking him to make sure Energy for Londoners is the fair, clean, democratic energy system that our city needs?

The Big Six energy companies are taking us for a ride – it’s time we turned our backs on them – all 8 million of us Londoners.

Sadiq Khan has promised to give us “Energy for Londoners” - a public energy company with fair prices. Now it’s time to make sure that his vision for the company is exactly what is needed.

We’re working with Switched On London to ask for:

  1. An energy supply company that sells clean, affordable power to households, as well as businesses - Londoners must be free from rip-off prices from the energy giants, while also working towards 100% renewable production.
  2. A fully public company, with no private partners - it must work for the best interests of Londoners, not for lining the pockets of business executives.
  3. A company run by Londoners, for Londoners - it must give all Londoners a meaningful say in how the company is run.

Please email Sadiq Khan now.

Switched On London

More information

Learn more about Switched On London

Switched On London is campaigning for a publicly owned energy company that London can be proud of. We want an affordable, democratic and environmentally sustainable alternative to the Big Six.

The problem

Our fuel bills are out of control, leaving us with cold homes, struggling to pay the bills. But the profits of the Big Six energy companies are sky high. Thousands of Londoners die from air pollution each year. And while other major European cities are making bold commitments to renewable energy, London is lagging behind on climate change. We don’t have to accept profiteering, poverty and pollution. There is an alternative.

The solution

We’re calling on the Greater London Authority – in collaboration with London boroughs – to set up a new, people-powered energy company.

We want an energy company that cuts bills and polluting carbon emissions. A publicly owned entity, selling energy for the common good, not for profit. One which has social justice, clean energy and democracy at its core.

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Email Sadiq Khan now

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