Make the UK a TTIP free zone

TTIP, the EU-US trade deal, could be the biggest threat to democracy of our generation. This is true both at national level, where government policy like increasing the minimum wage or freezing energy prices could be challenged in secret corporate tribunals, and at local level, where councils could be forced to favour big American corporations over local, sustainable businesses in their procurement. Councils could also be challenged for doing things like denying planning permission for fracking in their local area.

Download the briefing to find out more about TTIP and local government.

Our campaign seeks to unite councils across the country who are concerned with the impact of TTIP on local democracy.


TTIP motion won
Bradford (14 July '15), Birmingham (Feb '16), Brighton & Hove (17 Jul '14), Bury (10 Dec '14), Cambridge (23 Jul '15), Crawley (21 Oct '15), Dundee (10 Nov '15), East Dunbartonshire (18 Dec '15), Edinburgh (25 Jun), Exeter (16 Dec '14), Fife (5 Nov '15), Glasgow (11 Dec '14), Hastings (15 Apr), Lancashire (17 Jul '14), Gwynedd (4 Dec '14), Hartlepool (10 Dec '15), Lancaster (17 Dec '14), Lewisham (24 Jun '15), Midlothian (4 Nov '15), Newcastle (3 Sep '14), Northumberland (25 Feb '15), North Ayrshire (16 Dec '15), North Somerset (14 Jul), Norwich (22 Apr '15), Oldham (10 Sep '14), Oxford (29 Sep '14), Reading (24 Mar '15), Renfrewshire (17 Dec '15), Sefton (Dec '15), Stroud (Mar '16), Southampton (23 Dec '14), Southwark (25 Nov '15), Stirling (Dec '15), Warwickshire (19 May '15), West Dunbartonshire (28 Oct '15). Total: 35
A local campaign is underway - do you live in one these? A TTIP motion could be won here - take action!
Bristol, Conwy County Borough Council, Cumbria, Inverness, Kirklees, Leeds, Manchester, West Lancashire (Feb '16) Total: 8
TTIP motion lost
Colchester, Rother (15 Dec '14), Shropshire (23 Jul '15), Worcester (24 Feb '15). Total: 4
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Click the map to see which councils have passed, or rejected, a motion against TTIP. If your local authority has passed a motion against TTIP, download this poster and let people know you live in a TTIP Free Zone!

Pressure your council to be a TTIP free zone

Or download a Word or PDF model TTIP motion

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